Links to useful outputs and resources from the global network.

Pecl G, Frusher S, Sauer W, Hobday A (2010) 2010
Sendai workshop on ''Networking across Global Marine Hotspots''.
In: Climate change effects on fish and fisheries Sendai, Japan, vol 18. PICES Press, pp 26-28

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Pecl G, Bates AE, Frusher S, Hobday A, Sauer W, Tobin RC, Vousden D, Wernberg T (2012)
2012 Yeosu workshop on ''Climate change and range shifts in the oceans: detection, prediction and adaptation''
vol 20. PICES Press, pp 24-27

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At the World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh May 2012, a 'hotspots' symposium session was convened and resulted in the 'Impacts, Adaptation and Lessons from Ocean Warming Hotspots' special issue.

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Hotspots shape file in .zip format. If you use this file, please cite our paper as well as the hotspots website:

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The Marine Hotspots team have produced an informative poster, which you can download as a PDF from here.