24 hotspots, regions warming faster than the global average, have been recognised around the world. Each of these has a unique suite of species which inhabit them, and all are important to the countries surrounding them in supporting fisheries, tourism and in hosting important ecosystems. In many regards, these rapidly warming regions of the world can act as ‘early warning laboratories’ to help provide the knowledge and tools to enable us to adapt wisely, efficiently and effectively to meet the challenges of a warming environment.

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  1. Angola Basin / Northern Benguela Current
  2. Bering Sea
  3. Drake's Passage
  4. East of Micronesia
  5. Galapagos
  6. Gulf of Alaska
  7. Greenland Sea
  8. Hudson Sea
  9. Indo-China
  10. Keguelen Island
  11. Micronesia
  12. North Sea
  13. Northeast Canada
  14. Russian Arctic
  15. Sea of Japan
  16. Sea of Okhotsk
  17. South California-Mexico
  18. Southern Benguela
  19. South East Australia
  20. South East India
  21. South Brazil-Uruguay
  22. South West Australia
  23. South West India
  24. Western Indian Ocean