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Fisheries Ecosystems Laboratory at University of São Paulo’s Oceanographic Institute (IOUSP)
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Mary has a PhD in Oceanography, MSc in Biological Oceanography, and a BSc in Biology. She became a fisheries scientist after a 10-year position at a public research body in Brazil with scientific opportunities at international institutions (e.g. Canada, Spain, Denmark, Mexico and Argentina) where she studied ecosystem and stock assessment modelling, and also social sciences and economics. She is a faculty member at the University of São Paulo’s Oceanographic Institute (IOUSP) and head of the Fisheries Ecosystems Laboratory where interdisciplinary research and capacity building in contemporary fisheries science have been a focus. She is researcher of the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq) developing and testing innovative approaches to integrate different fisheries issues in the context of complex marine social-ecological systems. While her career and professional experience have expanded, she has focused on a broad range of topics, including the integration of natural and social sciences and both quantitative approaches and governance-related issues. As a team leader, Mary also conducts lecturing, supervising, and advisory activities. Her main professional interests are the sustainable use of marine biodiversity, fishing communities, fisheries economics, and ocean governance, for which she attempt to integrate biophysical models, ecological-economic indicators, and the human dimension of fisheries, including fisher’s knowledge.