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Dr Ingrid van Putten is a researcher with the ecosystems modelling team at the CSIRO Centre for Marine and Atmospheric research, in Hobart, Australia.  Her research focuses on the social and economic behaviour modelling of interaction with the biophysical marine environment and understanding coupled social-ecological systems.  Because complexity in the bio-physical sphere is mirrored in social and economic systems, she focuses on the tools that effectively model social and economic data and aims to find the optimum level of complexity for human behaviour models. Ingrid has used network analysis to model lease quota trade systems and Bayesian models to investigate non-economic drivers in indigenous fisheries. She has also applied qualitative models to investigate the drivers of participation in marine sectors in the context of climate change.  Some of her work is centred around investigating coastal community adaptation to observed changes in the marine environment, including the effects on supply chains for different marine products. Further, she is involved in a project in the Great Barrier Reef area aimed at investigating how to best set regional objectives for marine and coastal resources.