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Gretta Pecl is a Fulbright Fellow, Senior Research Fellow and Editor in Chief of  Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. She is a marine ecologist focussing on shifts in distribution of species and other responses to climate. She contributes to national policy debates, and has a demonstrated commitment to science communication with the public and industry. She leads several multi-jurisdictional projects developing interdisciplinary approaches to fisheries adaptation and is a co-convenor of the Global Marine Hotspots Network.

Her recent research activity spans a range of topics including assessment of range shifts, population and fishery responses to climate change, development and evaluation of adaptation options, and on using citizen science approaches for ecological monitoring and engagement (e.g. www.REDMAP.org.au). She has also just taken over the role of Editor in Chief of Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, and was until recently a research fellow for the Australian Marine Adaptation Network.